Kathy Morford

Kathy Morford
Sales Executive

Kathy discovered the real estate industry at a young age during Sunday night family dinners and she couldn't help but follow in her family footsteps! After growing up in Austin and graduating from Texas Tech University, she got her real estate license in 1992 and found her way into the title business in 1996. As one of the first title reps in Austin, Kathy has set the standard and has proudly watched the industry grow and evolve.

What Kathy loves most about the title business is the relationships she creates with her clients. She genuinely cares about their growth and development, not only professionally but personally. She is a Jesus-loving girl who believes that your business only grows to the extent you do!

Kathy considers it an honor to serve her clients at the highest level,  and oh yes, have some fun along the way!

Kathy can be reached at:
Cell: (512) 944-9090
[email protected]