Remote Ink Notarization “RIN”

Another Reduced Contact Closing Option

The COVID pandemic has affected how real estate transactions are handled and many of your clients want to have reduced contact closing options.  We have been able to accomplish many of these closings by doing “curbside closings” or Remote Online Notary closings, but a Remote Online Notary (“RON”) can be complicated because (1) the lender must approve use of a Remote Online Notary, (2) your client needs to have certain technology acumen and hardware and (3) many RON vendors are overloaded due to demand. 

What is another good option? Enter Remote Ink Notary (“RIN”) 
the not-so-distant cousin of RON. 

Typically a traditional notary is required to be in the presence of the signer while they are executing the documents.  Under temporary emergency orders our governor has issued temporary legislation that now allows a traditional notary to conduct the notary process via Remote Ink Notary as an alternative to the traditional notary process. 

In a RIN the notary is allowed to conduct the signing over the internet instead of an in-person appearance using readily available technology such as Zoom or Microsoft Go-To-Meeting.  While each title company underwriter may have a different process the common process looks like this:

  • We send the closing package to your client via email for them to print or via courier/Fedex;
  • We set a Zoom appointment with your client to walk them through execution of the documents “in our presence; (this session is recorded in our Zoom account)”
  • We pick the documents up from your client, notarize them in our office and send them for funding.  

Texas National Title has been doing RIN closings for several months now.  Please ask your closing team about a RIN if one is needed for your client.

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