• School District Guide

    School District Guide

    An in-depth look at the Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop, and Burnet County school districts and their most recent accountability ratings. Information sourced from The Texas Education Agency (TEA). A state agency that oversees primary and secondary public education in the state of Texas. It helps deliver education to more than 5 million students. 

  • Private Schools of Central Texas

    Private Schools of Central Texas

    Based on the Austin Business Journal's Book of Lists, this brochure is an annually updated outline of the top rated private schools of Central Texas. To learn more about this institutions, visit their websites or call the schools to schedule a tour. 

  • Central Texas Preschools

    Central Texas Preschools

    A preschool is an educational setting available for children not yet old enough to attend kindergarten. Many parents select this childcare option because it is a structured environment with lessons that will ready their children for attending school.  This brochure highlights a few of the many preschool options available in Central Texas.

  • Back to School Tips

    Back to School Tips

    Families can all use these helpful tips to get back into the learning groove for the  new school year.

  • Central Texas Charter Schools

    Central Texas Charter Schools

    Charter schools have unique freedom and flexibility not found in public school districts, and their freedom from the red tape of public education often allows them to dedicate increased resources and energy on supporting students in excelling academic standards.