Starting a new chapter

Fri, 10/14/2016 - 12:00pm

After managing title, escrow and technology companies since 1982, most of which were publicly traded, I decided to build the kind of company that I have dreamed about. A company that believes in its employees, empowers them to be successful, and entrenches itself in the communities that it serves. I chose Mother Lode Holding Company as the parent for my dream company. The founder of Mother Lode, Leo French, had a dream for his company similar to that of my own. His dream was to build a company that cared about its employees more than squeezing out a bigger profit margin. Like Leo, I believe that if you put employees first, give them the tools they need and stay out of their way, they will treat customers with that same level of care. Mother Lode and I have teamed up to create that same type of company for Texas – a privately held title company that is “above the rest.”

Leo’s companies work to bring together people who really care about each other and about their customers. People who are talented and independent; people who want to work in an atmosphere free from suspicion and distrust; people who want to be free from unnecessary rules and egotistical bosses and free from company policies that keep talented people from showing their stuff. In Leo’s words:

“My dream was that our customers would always be treated in a very special way: that we would never respond to a customer negatively, that a customer would never leave one of our offices unsatisfied and that if we made a mistake we would acknowledge it and fix it so promptly and graciously that it would make us a new friend — never an enemy.”

“My dream was that our company would, over time, gain a reputation as the cream of the crop — the best in the business.”

We have formed a new Mother Lode company, Texas National Title, and will be opening offices across state of Texas, supporting our employees with the training, innovative tools and technology support they need to succeed.